“Five-year plans” may sound like rusty Communist lingo – but in China they are matters of real importance as they outline government plans for the following 5 years. The plans set a direction for the country’s economy, social development targets, and – judging from this year’s iteration – online video view count.

China’s five-year plans are typically heralded by a series of glowing articles in state media. But not this year, it seem the Chinese Communist party has decided to release a psychedelic video promoting the new plan.

The video was realised earlier this week on Twitter. As Twitter is blocked in China, putting the video on that platform implies that it is specifically meant for those outside of the country. The video does represent an odd change in pace for Chinese propaganda. Conventionally, films or videos praising the Communist Party were produced for domestic Chinese consumption. But over the past several months, there have been more examples of pro-CCP (Chinese Communist Party) videos aimed at foreign audiences.

Lets see if this video gives them the credibility they were seeking…