A positive example of how Weibo has been used to increase a European brand’s awareness and direct sales can be seen from Eurostar’s recent activities on the platform.

Eurostar’s first social media campaign on Chinese social media site, Sina Weibo, has attracted over 50 million viewers and helped to double direct sales for Eurostar on the Chinese market.

The campaign invited participants to submit a short video of their favourite spot in Paris or London, before allowing the Chinese public to vote for a winner to receive a luxury Eurostar trip.

Zhuang Fangyuan, a former resident of London, and Wang Ruozhu, a Christian Dior employee who lives in Paris, were crowned the winners and their stories can be seen here.

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Darren Williams, head of sales, Eurostar said: “The Weibo competition has been a great opportunity to build brand awareness with Chinese consumers. It has helped to drive growth in direct sales, with a rise in the number of individuals choosing to plan their own trip, an increasing trend within the market.”