Coca-Cola is getting creative with its advertising for the Chinese market, and going straight to the source for inspiration. The brand has launched a crowd-sourcing competition in China that offers cash prizes for the best TV and print ads that “inspire a craving for Coke.”

The contest challenges entrants to create an “expression of what makes a Coke so desirable to YOU” in 30-second video and print entries. “Don’t make an ad for Coke – we’re interested in your creative point of view about the drink,” the company says in a press release about the competition that will run on crowdsourcing platform eYeka.

US$30,000 will go to winners of the best videos, US$6,000 to the best print ads.

The results of the video and print competition are scheduled to be announced in February and March next year, and are open to anyone who registers on eYeka.

The company says: “Getting creative input from the crowd will allow them to discover and build on fresh ways to bring that message to life in order to build a strong and emotional connection with its consumers in China.”


Brands seem to be opening up to the idea of having consumers create part of their advertising.

Coke has used crowdsourcing before, including in China and Southeast Asia. But what’s interesting is what the brand is expecting out of the video submissions — content, maybe, but also a kind of impressionistic market research.

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