The arrival of Wechat 6.0 has added 2 key new functions to Wechat’s repertoire, one being the ability to take and share micro videos to Wechat moments and conversation windows.

The other, is ‘Wechat Coupons‘, a function that provides a designated area for coupons and deals that forms a key part of the new ‘Card Wallet’ tab on the Wechat interface. The main aim of introducing this function is to provide a new way of promoting through Wechat’s public accounts, in order to connect more Wechat users with a merchant’s product and services.

Public accounts that pass the verification process will have full access to creation and management of these coupons, as well as a full range of analytic tools. At the moment, there are 5 key types of coupons: Cash Coupons, Discount Coupons, Gift Coupons, Group Buy Coupons, Specialty Coupons (example: student). Any coupons received are stored in the ‘Passbook/Card Wallet’ area of Wechat on the ‘Me’ page.

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