Golden week is upon us again and as usual the numbers are staggering:

  • Today marks the 65th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China. Known as “National Day,” the commemoration kicks off one of two so-called “Golden Weeks,” which were implemented by the Chinese government in 1999 as a way to promote domestic tourism. (The other Golden Week follows Chinese New Year and typically falls during January or February, in accordance with the lunar calendar.)
  • A total of 480 million trips are expected to be made by travellers during the upcoming National Day holiday , up 13 percent year on year, the China Tourism Academy predicted.
  • wy20141002x3Tourism income is expected to jump by 20 percent from a year ago to 27 million yuan (4.39 million U.S. dollars).
  • The week-long holiday is expected to produce an additional 270 billion yuan in consumer spending—nearly $44 billion
  • In the past two years retail sales during the holiday season have grown by an average of 16 percent, with more than 600 million people traveling by air, road, or waterway during the 2013 holiday alone.
  • inline-forbidden-city-153341294The 26 mainly monitored scenic spots of Beijing received 542,000 trips on Oct. 1, up 32.8 percent over the same day of last year.
  • The number of tourists at 124 main scenic spots across China topped six million Friday,the third day of the seven-day National Day holiday.
  • Ticket revenue from those scenic spots totaled 300 million RMB on the first day, 3.9percent less than the same day of last year. That was mainly due to the government pricehike ban issued before the holiday.

The holiday continues to be an opportunity for brands to interact with consumers through special promotional campaigns and increased store traffic. Brands in the travel and tourism industry have the most direct impact to their business during this week.

Happy Golden Week All!