More China social media snippets:

• Chinese consumers spend 46 minutes a day visiting social media sites, compared with only seven minutes a day from Japan, and 37 minutes a day from the US.

• Of the 565 million Chinese internet users, 91 percent have connected to a social media site during the last six months, compared with only 30 percent from Japan, 67 percent from the US, and 70 percent from South Korea.

• Of the Chinese internet users in Tier One, Two and Three cities, 95 percent are registered on a social media site. 

• Of the 565 million internet users in China, over 400 million now have mobile internet capability.

• Over 50 percent of the year’s new internet users (or roughly 25 million people in China) were from rural areas.

Social Media in China: Guidelines to Monetizing.

Different products/services require different markets Based on the type of product offered and budget, companies should not only seek out Tier One cities/locations, but also start to consider the emerging rural population accessing the internet. Half of China’s new internet users in 2012 (25 million netizens) came from rural areas.
Use KOLs that fit your demographic, with proper vetting Some foreign social media gurus condemn paying people to blog about a product. In China it is a strategic move that can pay dividends. However, firms must beware of KOLs or bloggers with fake followers; the person you choose should have a distinct knowledge of your product and be interested in selling the idea to his/her loyal followers. Vetting a KOL is a diligent and necessary task in China.
Special regulatory concerns In China, companies cannot sell personal databases. In addition, social media companies are given strict guidelines to monitor the impact of user postings. All the social media companies have tools and people that monitor postings on a 24-hour, seven-day a week basis. Knowing the regulatory environment is critical to successful operations.

You can see this full report from KPMG here.