Another Western brand has joined th conversation on China’s fastest growing network:

The luxury leather brand Mulberry has partnered with social media outfit Hot Pot Digital, its lead digital agency in China and a member of thenetworkone, to create a richer digital experience through the launch of a WeChat account.

The WeChat account allows users to explore Mulberry’s collection of iconic leather goods and new products on regional social media channels, providing exclusive rich content unavailable on other channels.HighRes_MainImage_landscapeAnne-Marie Verdin, brand director at Mulberry said: “We are constantly looking for new platforms to communicate the depth and breadth of the Mulberry brand and tell the Mulberry story to our consumers. WeChat’s advanced functionality and prominence in the daily lives of consumers means this will be a central tool to communicate with our audience in China and continue to amplify our brand storytelling.”

In addition to featuring products, Mulberry’s WeChat account is currently offering a behind-the-scenes look into its recent Autumn Winter 2014 ad campaign shoot featuring supermodel Cara Delevingne.

Mulberry’s move mirrors that of its rival Burberry, which partnered with WeChat earlier this year to tap into its growing Chinese consumer base and further establish itself on the growing international platform.

While Mulberry was relatively late to log onto Weibo, it has more of a head start on WeChat. Despite the fact that WeChat is China’s most popular mobile messaging app and now has about 650 million individually registered users, an L2 report this May found that less than half of all luxury brands had an account on the app. As companies begin to rapidly join, however, that number is likely to be much higher next year.

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