Social Sharing is something that many brands strive for– but do these brands really understand what motivates individuals to share content?

This graphic from a survey completed by social@Ogilvy in partnership with SurveyMonkey lifts the lid on key drivers for sharing on social media across 16 countries. Perhaps the most interesting data is the discovery that 70% of China social media users derive a sense of creativity when sharing content, as they define their tastes and values through content that is both found as well as their own.

Brands should consider this motivation  as they develop their social content strategies and integrate more inspirational and lifestyle-based content that resonates with netizens’ digital identities.

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Bennett Porter, vice president, marketing communications SurveyMonkey added: “We’ve seen some startling differences in how emerging and developed markets approach content. It’s fascinating to see that the majority of social media users are not put off by the volume of ads seen, and are more than happy to see content – so long as its relevant and interesting.”

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