Chinese women are often thought of by advertisers as submissive and materialistic. Advertising communication often focuses on the benefit of a product for a women to find a husband or look more attractive. And yet, the country not only boasts the highest number of female self-made billionaires —11 out of the world’s top 20 wealthiest female entrepreneurs are from China- but the also has countless female leaders in business, the arts, sports, and media.

In  a new series from Sun Media Group, owned by Yang Lan who is often referred to in American media as “China’s Oprah,” a spotlight will be placed on the stories of successful Chinese women. The series will be launched as a Chinese version of the AOL-partnered U.S. site Makers, a digital platform featuring video interviews with notable women including Sheryl Sandberg and Hillary Clinton. The Chinese-language will start out with 10 famous Chinese women, including China Stock Exchange Chair Laura Cha Shih May-Lung, actress Gong Li, and Olympics speed-skating silver medalist Li Yan.

“The younger generation of women are growing up very quickly and they are the most empowered generation so far,” said Yang at a recent press event for the site in New York. “About half of our college students are women, about one third of business owners and entrepreneurs in China are women. Half of the 10 wealthiest self-made women in the world are mainland Chinese.”


In conjunction with the new site, Makers will also be launching a Chinese-language version of its mobile app for women to make their own videos. Yang will be handpicking pieces daily to feature daily on her TV show Her Village, a talk show geared toward urban Chinese women.

Both of these platforms provide a new space for brands to interact with and support business women and celebrate their acheivements.