An Interesting campaign from a Chinese online platform:

Chinese online B2C enterprise Yihaodian qualified for a Guinness World Record on March 18 in 2014. At 10 am a“Imported Milk Flash Sale” began,  where 600,000 boxes of milk sold out in a speedy 52 mins 25 seconds. They managed to sell a total of 1,337,445 cartons of milk by 9 a.m. on March 19th, successfully breaking the Guinness World Record for “Most Milk Sold On A Single Platform in 24 Hours”.

The marketing began early in March when posters were put out on metros of caricatures of milk containers and spread by opinion leaders on WeChat. On March 18, the flash sale shared sales data through live broadcasting and a caricature of the sales data was posted on Weibo after the flash sale ended.

yihaodian milk flash sale caricature

The whole marketing campaign was carefully planned, from outdoor poster to friends social network WeChat, online sale to offline activities, then to social media Weibo. Yihaodian chose Chinese female movie star Yao Chen to be its spoksperson.

Precised advertising and “Let’s Create Guinness World Record Together” slogan, combined with fast selling goods and low price, attracted and motivated Chinese consumers immediately. Many consumers did not care about cheap milk already, they simply wanted a certification of Guinness World Record!

Marketing Strategies

First, Yihaodian successfully created strong sense of participation, the calling for creating world record and offering both paper and electronic certification stimulate consumers. Therefore, the advance publicity caused opinion leaders attention and helped reposting.

Second, advertising places were elaborately selected and very arousing, fans helped further promote the campaign.

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