A new trend is sweeping China– the Hip Herbals!

HIP HERBALS: Many inhabitants of Asian cities are subject to increasingly stressful lifestyles, and ever more aware of toxic environments. But plenty remain determined to cram even more – productivity, fun, connection – into their daily lives. One answer? A rediscovery (and 2014 remaining) of traditional herbal products and practices to promote health, wellness and balance.

Tradition Re-imagined

Yin and yang, chakras and Zen: Asian philosophies are inextricably linked with harmony and balance. But many consumers fear that contemporary urban lifestyles have forced a shift away from this mindset: that’s why they are embracing tradition-inspired herbal products that help them fit more into their already-full lives.

Cultural Confidence

With rising affluence driving up cultural confidence, many Asian consumers are looking to local and heritage-inspired consumerism that eschews the wholesale import of foreign ideals – about which they’re increasingly sceptical.

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Fear Factor

Scandals over environmental and food-borne toxins, and increasing access to new, trusted, non-governmental sources of health and safety information, are prompting many Asian consumers to re-think the health implications of their consumption.

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