How much do you love your possessions? Enough to lug them all the way across China at the height of Lunar Festival travel?

In the time surrounding Spring Festival, the world’s largest annual human migration, over 3.2 billion passengersare expected to take trips. One photographer from a local newspaper in Zhuzhou City, Hunan province asked riders to showcase the items they valued enough to lug along with them on their journeys around the country. It is an interesting insight into what Chinese consumers feel they can’t live without– for some it’s everyday tools, for others it’s a scarf made by a loved one or milk powder they feel is safe for their baby and for others it’s 17 pairs of sports shoes. All are a glimpse into the values of a consumer…

Spring Festival Photo Story: Passengers and their belongings
Name: Xiang Huazhen
Total item weight: about 40kg
Xiang and her husband work in Zhuzhou, Hunan, and their 23-year-old child is working in Guangzhou. They are going back home to Zhangjiajie, Hunan together. They said that there are no particularly special items among their belongings, mostly just tools and clothes.Their two pairs of matching couples shoes are probably the most expensive items.
Name: Liao Guozheng
Total item weight: about 15kg
Luo is a boss of a leather company and is going back to Zhangjiajie. Besides some clothes, his suitcase holds 12 brand-new leather bags. He said these are for relatives and friends. “I’m in the leather business, I will just give these bags to them instead of money,” he explained.
Name: WuPeng
Total item weight: about 10kg
Wu goes to school in Nanchang, Jiangsu and he’s going back to his hometown Zhuzhou to celebrate Chinese New Year. His girlfriend knitted him that red scarf. He also packed some honorary certificates, such as an “Outstanding Student” award he received in 2013. He said that those two items are the most valuable in his bags.
Name: Luo Xuan
Total item weight: 25 kg
Twenty-three-year-old Luo said her luggage items included her husband, milk powder and a lovely child, her most prized harvest from 2013.
Name: Jia Guangming
Total item weight: 20 kg
College graduate Jia is heading to Yiyan, Hunan. The luggage items he carries home with him are countless. He loves football and basketball, so there are loads of sport shoes. He said he only took a few and still needs a few more trips. There are 17 pairs of shoes and some clothes. People nearby waiting for the bus were stunned, but he just laughed.
Name: Deng Liuliu
Total item weight: 60.5 kg
Deng and her boyfriend have been dating for 1016 days, and this is the first time she’ll visit his parents. Therefore, the parcels contain some everyday items and gifts to the family, such as alcohol and tobacco for her boyfriend’s father.
Name: XiaoBin
Total items weight: 25 kg
XiaoBin’s parents divorced and he hasn’t seen his mom in four years. He is from Inner Mongolia but goes to school in Tianjin. He came to Zhuzhou to accompany his mom. There are some nice clothing, a pair of shoes, a computer and a gift to his mom in the suitcase.

 You can see the original positing on the Shanghaiist here.