The top 100 Chinese brands survey had been published for this past year and it has a few surprises…

The top ten are:

  1. China Mobile – $61.4bn
  2. ICBC (Industrial & Commercial Bank of China) – $39.7bn
  3. Tencent – $33.9bn
  4. China Construction Bank – $25.5bn
  5. Baidu – $20bn
  6. Agricultural Bank of China – $19.3bn
  7. Bank of China – $13.6bn
  8. PetroChina – $13.4bn
  9. Sinopec – $13.1bn
  10. China Life – $12.7bn

Some thing to note: market driven brands are stronger than SOEs (State owned enterprise)– which is a good sign for any foreign brands interested in venturing into China.

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 16.17.49

Other notable observations:

  • Market-driven brands comprise two-thirds of brands ranked 51- to-100 in this year’s expanded report, pointing to future growth.
  • Chinese brands are now roughly comparable in brand equity, the power to influence purchase, with foreign brands competing in China, although Chinese brands lag in differentiation.
  • As Chinese brands expand abroad, overseas revenue is increasing and consumer recognition and consideration is gradually rising, especially in fast growing markets.
  • Chinese consumer trust in brands stabilized after several years of decline related to food and product safety breaches.

Some other interesting tidbits are in the infographic below or download the full report here.