Many foreign brands are tapping into China’s traditions with specialised product lines for the market. During the mid-Autumn festival, at the end of September, moon cakes are everywhere. These cakes are representative of a prosperous year ahead and are given to co-workers, friends, family and important contacts. The gifting tradition has turned into a $2-plus billion a year business that many foreign brands are eager to get a piece of.

Here are some examples of how foreign brands are cashing in on the Chinese tradition:

Of course, Starbucks is leading the charge with their limited edition mooncake collection. The green tea and vanilla mooncakes have been a huge success which they have been selling for many years both inside China and globally.

starbucks mooncake

Hagen Dazs has taken the idea of a mooncake and fit its product to it. The Hagen Dazs mooncake is ice cream filling with a hard chocolate shell. It sounds tasty but is sweeter and too far from the traditional to be popular among locals– this more reaches to foreigners who work in China and can’t stomach the local sesame seed cakes.


Or there is McDonalds, who have mastered the quick and cheap version of a mooncake that is enjoyed by millions.