Emerging economies face obstacles when it comes to marketing to a constantly changing consumer and rapidly evolving business environment. Sourcing and maintaining local talent, managing a lack of clarify in buying media, convincing local brands to pay for non-tangibles like branding and many more are the issues that must be navigated by marketeers in evolving regions.

These issues are not something that China faces alone. Other developing regions such as South America and the Middle East face similar difficulties as their markets rapidly change, and their consumers change with it.

As such, we wanted to share a publication from thenetworkone entitled Working with the Middle East: A Collection of Essays. This is a series of essays from the agencies that we work with in the Middle East in which they discuss their successes and challenges of marketing in this environment.

While it is not directly on the China target, the essays discuss issues that are prevalent in China such as communicating with a culturally diverse market with a widening income gap and utilising constantly changing technology. We hope to release a version of this publication with our Asian agencies in the future.

To download a PDF of the publication click here. If you are interested in marketing in the Middle East or other emerging economies, please get in touch.