As a Chinese company plans to build a highly visible luxury complex on the south bank in London, it is fairly obvious who their target market is. As Chinese tourists and expats steadily increase in numbers, the Chinese company is attempting to supply a “home away from home.” How will this influence advertising to Chinese who will be in London, specifically in this new complex, in hoards?

Dalian Wanda of China to Spend $1.6 Billion on Yacht Maker and London Hotel

Dalian Wanda announced that it would spend £700 million to build a luxury Wanda Hotel on the South Bank in London, the company’s first hotel outside China. The site, with views of the Thames, Westminster Palace and Battersea Power Station, will include a 20,000-square-meter, 160-room hotel as well as 63,000 square meters of upscale apartments.

The company is also diversifying with a British yacth producer:

The company will pay £320 million ($499 million) for a 91.8 percent stake in Sunseeker, whose high-end motor yachts have been featured in several recent James Bond films.

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