Happy Birthday thenetworkone!

It has been TEN YEARS this month since thenetworkone began! Since then we have been around the world (a few times) and been inspired by agencies from all regions of the world. We look forward to continuing our growth in China by further experiencing the Chinese culture and through befriending creative leaders in the marketing and communications sectors.

Thank you for all your support and we look forward to the next ten years!

生日卡 ﹕ 壽桃

Interesting birthday traditions in the Chinese culture:

  • When a child is born they are considered one year old. Then every Chinese New Year one year is added to their age. So each Lunar New Year holiday (usually in February/March) everyone gets one year older.
  • Chang Shou Mian, or long life noodle, is traditionally eaten on birthdays, which symbolises living a long life. The noodles are very long and the goal of the birthday person is to eat an entire noodle without breaking it. (You can bite it apart in your mouth but it must not break outside your mouth). The more you eat the longer your life!
  • The 60th birthday is the most important one, not because of the age, but because it is the first and likely only time in the individual’s life when their animal sign and element are together exactly as they were on the day they were born according to traditional astrological charts.


    Chang Shou Noodles for a long and healthy life.