For an example of how one brand is making a big splash in the Chinese market simply look to Diageo’s latest venture: The Johnny Walker House.

Here are a few excerpts from a recent article about how Diageo’s newest venue in Beijing is introducing the whisky  culture to Chinese elite in a wave of exclusivity, luxury and refinement. It seems to be working for the moment and Diageo is certainly seeing their research dollars and effort to educate their market pay off. But I can’t help but wonder: what will be their longterm strategy for the China market once this buzz fades?

You can see the article in full, here.

The first Johnny Walker House was in Shanghai. Recently, a Beijing House was also opened.

The first Johnny Walker House was in Shanghai. Recently, a Beijing House was also opened.

Whisky: China’s Rich Pay £200k For One Bottle

The Chinese are developing an expensive taste for Scottish whisky – providing a welcome boost to the economy.

A Scottish whisky house has opened up a club in Beijing and is successfully selling whisky at prices ranging from almost £2,000 to a staggering £200,000 a bottle.

Johnnie Walker House is described by Diageo, the company behind the venture, as “the world’s largest embassy for luxury Scotch whisky, providing consumers with bespoke experiences to immerse themselves into the world of whisky and Johnnie Walker”.

“The starting price for a bottle of Johnnie Walker Scotch through the Johnnie Walker House is $3000,” Diageo’s Asia-Pacific President Gilberte Ghostine told Sky News.

“It starts at $3000 a bottle and goes up to $300,000 a bottle. And people are paying that.”

…”Eighty percent of Chinese millionaires are below 45 years old. So it’s a younger profile than in the US, for example, where only 35% of their millionaires are below 45,” Mr Ghostine explains.

He added: “The Chinese have an interest in brands with real heritage, history, provenance, craftsmanship and real substance. And this exactly what we have.”

 …Scotch whisky makes up 40% of international spirit imports into China.

Combine that with the fact that they have the money to buy the very best, and the result for the Scottish and UK economy is extremely positive.

Mr Ghostine said: “It is definitely great for Scotland. Today the Scotch whisky industry is very important for the UK. Every second £134 is being generated by Scotch whisky for the UK and the potential is huge.

“There is a big correlation between Gross Domestic Product growth in emerging markets and Scotch whisky.

“The Scotch whisky category is 50% of international spirits market in the whole Asia-Pacific region, and so the potential is very big.”