Sotheby’s is opening its first auction house on the mainland to accommodate its growing Chinese audience interested in world art.

Usually, it is Japan that is thought of as the deisgn capital of Asia. Yet mainland China has developed an interest in the arts and design scene- and is largely contributing to it as well. Recently becoming the world’s second largest fine arts market in 2011, education and appreciation is being generated for both foreign and domestic artists. Arguably the most well known Chinese artist, Ai Wei Wei, has boosted the Chinese contemporary art scene to a global stage with his pieces displaying in such iconic venues as the Tate modern and the MOMA in New York city. By getting involved and contributing through their own culture, a large community and curiosity is forming around art.

And these aesthetically stimulated masses will soon demand the same from advertising and marketing as China becomes a more sophisticated consumer market. Individuals are demanding more from brands in the form of stimulating advertising and engaging marketing campaigns that are more complex than the simple onw-way advertising which has reigned in the past.

Sotheby’s in China