In China, there is a new app that seems to be on every phone: WeChat. Also known as weixin (Chinese: 微信), this mobile app is fast taking off with the Chinese market. Combining video chat, text messaging, voice calling, photo and video sharing, location updates and personal profiles all for free. Essentially it is instagram, foursquare, facebook, twitter, whatsapp and viber rolled in one– and in your pocket.

The interesting aspect though is how Chinese users are putting it into practice: Many are using features to not only stay in touch with old friends, but also to make new friends.

Two features specifically allow you to meet new people:

The “shake” feature asks users to shake their phones and finds any other individuals who are nearby also shaking and looking for people to meet.

You can also write a message in a bottle and throw it into the mobile sea, other users can then collect and respond to your message.

As Chinese culture continues to encourage outgoing personalities, people are looking for new ways to make friends and stand out.

Rumors are building that a lifestyle match application will be added in which you can chose brands that represent yourself and be matched with others that would be a complimentary fit. So now brands need to figure out how to use this new extroverted generation to be brand ambassadors and spread a their social message.