Chinese tourists come to London as a shopping destination– to experience foreign brands in their own environment. These eastern consumers become familiar with the shopper experience of staple English brands and return to China to share their tales of quintessentially English shopping with friends and family.

So when these big name western brands move to China to offer the thrill of buying with them in consumers home countries, they need to maintain the same unique experience and consistency. This means developing a brand based voice and identity in a Chinese setting while catering to cultural tastes and local restrictions. Maintaining a dialogue with local consumers with an overarching message and values is important to building brand desire not only in western markets, but also in eastern regions- Chinese shoppers will notice if they do not match.

China celebrates it’s annual “golden week,” a 7 day holiday in the first week of October, that brings an influx of visitors from Asia to London’s high streets. This is an ideal time for brands to offer these consumers a glimpse of their experience in the west and prove to them that they deliver the same respect and attention to their Eastern clientele.

Check out “London’s Golden Week for Luxury” on Bloomberg TV for more about the Golden week’s effects on London.